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Having a Successful Business is Its Own Reward… But Recognition Along The Way is Certainly Appreciated!

Breanna Fernie

Business awards are not the reason we started the company, but they indicate that we’re doing something right.

Over the last 20 years, I have always kept my eye on the various business awards in the telecom sector, using those awards to gauge who was being identified as successful and innovative. The new up and comers, the exciting news of next generation technology pioneers, the best in class providers, or best in choice solutions, these awards can be seen to show success and forward momentum. Watching others win those awards can also be profoundly humbling and motivate you to do more and be more. They make you want to get on the radar and be recognized for achievements or thought leadership. Let’s face it, recognition for the blood, sweat, and tears is ALWAYS appreciated.

Sometimes these awards surprise you; you didn’t realize company X is doing such exciting innovation, or that company Y has a new direction with its core development. Regardless of the award or area of expertise, it speaks volumes of a company being identified for doing exciting, admirable work. It’s not always just about top sales and revenue- it’s also about creating market shifts and helping businesses improve how they communicate.

TelcomTech award

ClearlyIP was just recognized as a top 10 Provider by Telecom Tech Outlook’s annual publication of Best VoIP Solution Provider Companies in 2021. This Award is not WHY we want to be in business; instead, it indicates that we are “Clearly” headed in the right direction. We have been working hard since our company started to achieve a high level of service for our clients and partners with the best service and products possible.

So while we are proud and appreciative of the recognition, and it’s a nice credibility bump, it just makes us want to work harder and be even more innovative. Internally we can highlight our employees, point to the award, and express our gratitude for their part in attaining it.

As we move into the end of 2021, we are thankful to all our clients, partners, and employees. Without even one of them, we could not have won this award. Count on us to be a thought leader in telecommunication’s future. We’re glad you’re along for the ride!

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