Our History


ClearlyIP was launched with the goal of becoming an industry-leading company in telecommunications software, infrastructure, services and cloud. Our solutions were built on the premise of delivering telecom solutions to our customers in several critical areas:

  • Modern architecture and infrastructure stability
  • Secure connectivity while protecting enterprise voice traffic
  • Enabling productivity and empowering a collaborative-driven organization.

With decades of leadership in communications and our own intellectual property, the team at ClearlyIP provides world-class telecommunications services, applications and customer premise hardware to businesses, ITSP’s, OEM’s and other communications providers across the globe.

Product offerings include Brandable IP Phones, VoIP Appliances, a Suite of Advanced Cloud Services, and a feature-rich SIP Trunking platform. ClearlyIP is privately held and utilizes a “Build and Buy” strategy for company growth, building products that help us grow organically, and via strategic acquisitions.



Mission Statement

ClearlyIP’s mission is to design and develop the world’s most respected VoIP brand by delivering a secure, robust, reliable communications platform based on modern architecture to help businesses reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance seamless collaboration.




Vision Statement

Realizing the full potential of VoIP and the global FreePBX open source community ClearlyIP’s vision is to provide worldwide access to innovation and connectivity with a collaborative platform which will empower companies, of all sizes, to communicate more effectively through the power of our unparalleled telephony platforms.



Value Statement

The heritage behind ClearlyIP’s leadership team provides immense cultural and communicative value throughout every level of the organization. Our team consists of telecom technology enthusiasts with 300+ years of combined experience building some of the largest telecom applications in the world. With that vast background and expertise we apply it to everything we do as we continue to build new innovative solutions aspiring towards changing how businesses communicate.

Discover Our Company’s History

Click through the timeline below to learn where we came from





Telrad Enters Vancouver Market

Acquired June 2020 by ClearlyIP


Telrad Group is established in Vancouver as a leader in telecommunication systems and services to end customers.


The Birth of Commercial VoIP

The birth of commercial VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) creates a paradigm shift in the telecom industry.


Cyclix Networks Founded in Gifford, New Hampshire

Acquired September 2019 by ClearlyIP


Cyclix, a VoIP service provider offering cost-effective SIP trunking VOIP products and fully managed telephone systems for both small and large enterprises.


Modulis.ca Founded in Montreal

Acquired November 2019 by ClearlyIP

Experts of premium VoIP solutions for institutions and enterprises with head quarters in Montreal, QC.


Schmooze Com Inc Founded by ClearlyIP Founders


Schmooze Com Inc. is founded in Wisconsin with primary focus on the Open Source Project- FreePBX and their own PBXact Platform.


Official Manager/Sponsor of FreePBX®


Schmooze Com becomes official sponsor & maintainer of FreePBX, one of the most widely used IP-PBXs on the planet with millions of installs around the globe.


Schmooze Founders Sell to Sangoma


Rapid growth of the most popular open source platform globally. The Schmooze founders sell all assets to Sangoma Technologies (STC on TSX.V) & join the executive team. Business grows from 16M per year to 100M.


ClearlyIP Arises

ClearlyIP founders exit Sangoma and found ClearlyIP group of companies. Focused on new innovation and building the next generation of telephony.


2019 Innovations & Acquisitions:

  • July: Launch of VoIP Appliances
  • August: Launch of Mirror Management
  • September: Acquires Cyclix Networks
  • November: Acquires Modulis and the ClusterPBX, Modulis Cloud Platforms
  • December: UK Market Launch


Accelerated Growth & Innovation

ClearlyIP further expands with dynamic acquisitions and several new product launches.


2020 Innovations & Acquisitions:

  • January: ClearlyIP launches SIP Trunking platform which is Kari’s Law & Ray Baum Act compatible
  • July: Acquires Telrad Technology Group Ltd
  • September: Launch of Clearly Anywhere Mobile Softphone for FreePBX based systems
  • September: Launch of SendFax.to
  • October: Launch of CodeX Emergency Notification Platform launch