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Introducing the ClearlyIP VoIP Failover Gateway

Introducing ClearlyIP’s VoIP Failover Gateway

Bob Webb

The ClearlyIP VoIP Failover Gateway

I am excited to announce the launch of ClearlyIP’s VoIP Failover Gateway. This device combines multi-path (LAN and 4G) VoIP service, a SIP registration and feature server, as well as FXS/FXO POTS connectivity to create an actual “Swiss army knife” device. It applies to a broad spectrum of use cases–some of which we have not even considered at this point. Initially, we are launching it by targeting two distinct and compelling use cases:

  • POTS Replacement
  • PBX Failover

These functions are VoIP-system agnostic but integrate seamlessly with ClearlyIP’s Clearly Cloud UCaaS platform, trunking platform, and our other premise and cloud-based PBX solutions, including ComXchange, our industry-leading hospitality solution. The gateways are economical and leverage the efficiency of VoIP networks. And, of course, the gateway comes with ClearlyIP’s dedicated support team’s commitment to excellence.

ClearlyIP’s POTS Replacement

As a POTS replacement device, the gateway is offered as a turn-key package, providing a Managed Facility Voice Network. It can be used as a replacement for POTS lines serving handsets, legacy PBX / key systems, elevators, fire panels, and other supported applications. The device has 6 FXS dial tone ports to connect these user devices. Facing the world, the device can handle individual or trunk registrations to provide call paths across the FXS ports.
Primary VoIP service is provided by the LAN Internet transport. If, for any reason, the upstream service is not reachable over the LAN Internet, the device fails over and re-establishes the service on the 4G LTE data network.

Battery backup is essential in a POTS replacement scenario so the gateway can be connected directly to a UPS or an optional external battery backup available for purchase. ClearlyIP offers flexibility, selling the gateway as a managed 4G service or as standalone hardware.
Combining automated failover, battery backup, service, and hardware in an integrated bundle, ClearlyIP has created a solution that ensures vital alarm systems, building access controls, and other devices remain functional at all times–providing peace of mind when it matters most.

ClearlyIP’s PBX Failover

As a PBX failover device, the gateway is a unique solution in the industry. In the event of an internet outage to your hosted PBX–or even a PBX failure–the gateway will:

  1. Establish a separate SIP trunk to the outside world.
  2. Provide redundancy to 250 endpoints within the gateway and allow for special call routing on 2 FXO ports and 6 FXS ports.
  3. Provide station-to-station calling to all connected devices.
  4. Provide inbound calling via the SIP trunk, including IVR and announcements.
  5. Provide outbound calling via the SIP trunk, including essential 911 support.

The gateway is easily installed and sits on the LAN with the SIP endpoints. Each SIP endpoint is configured with a primary registration to the hosted PBX and a secondary registration to the gateway. If an endpoint places a call and cannot reach the hosted PBX for any reason, its secondary registration allows the gateway to handle the call seamlessly. Inbound calls will be handled per the inbound call routing rules in the gateway. Outbound calling and station-to-station calling will be fully available.


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